Customized Workouts

Receive personalized, sport-specific workout plans from a real strength and conditioning expert, who will create the workout based on your sport, level of experience and training goals. You’ll get one-on-one support from the performance coach, who will answer your questions and keep you motivated on your path to improvement.

STACK Performance Club Android

Detailed Instruction

Each exercise includes step-by-step instruction and an HD demonstration video to ensure you are working out with correct form to maximize your training benefits and prevent injury.

STACK Performance Club Android

Progress Tracking

Set your goals, record your weights and times, and track your progress as you set personal bests and hit your training goals. You can review your workout history through the web-based dashboard – free with your membership.

STACK Performance Club Android

One-on-One Messaging

You can send text and video messages to your coach, who will answer your training questions, monitor your progress and ensure that you’re performing exercises and workouts correctly.

STACK Performance Club Android

Personal Coaching On Demand

Your STACK Personal Coach subscription includes one-on-one coaching and feedback from an actual expert. Message your coach anytime with questions about a workout or exercise, and he or she will reply with an answer to keep you on track. Your coach can also monitor your form by reviewing images or videos.




Private coaching can cost more than $200/hour. With STACK Personal Coach, you receive customized workout programming and one-on-one coaching from your Personal Coach for a fraction of this cost.


per month

Unlimited video and text messaging with your Personal Coach
Custom video-based workout programming tailored specifically to your goals
Deep tracking and analytics to view your performance metrics over time
View stats and trends with access to your own web-based performance dashboard
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